• Strategy

Our professionals support in conveying the exact meaning of the business logic, aiming to avoid misunderstandings and shorten the time needed to comprehend complex topics. By facilitating effective communication in a business context, we ensure seamless alignment between teams and departments. Both on site or in a virtual environment.

  • Daily Operations

Industry-Specific Vocabulary: Master the language that matters most to your business. Our training focuses on industry-specific terminology, helping to increase efficiency of business operations daily. This way supporting everyone is on the same page and diminishing room for interpretations. With our help you can obtain vocabulary in English-German-Bulgarian for key business administration functions such as: finance, accounting, logistics, quality assurance, marketing, human resources.

  • Simplifying Onboarding Processes and further developing in the role

The quality of the onboarding process determines the efficiency of work and helps the growth of your company. Our services ensure newcomers and current employees as well can align to business unit strategy and understand the specific interdependencies of their role for the whole company independent of their previous experience.